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A sculptor, creating experimental forms in expression. In Anton’s view, is the bottom-line of the plastic art is emmarbling a human being. It is therefore the contours of a human body that he examines. An important part of an image is also the medium itself – its heavyish surface, often little treated, but as an important component of a whole. Just like in aesthetics by Michelangelo. His images address to classical examples, to various classic areas – seeking the medium for the greatest expression.

Anton Tytov is an author of figurines by which people of arts in various nominations are awarded.

He works with various media – wood, metal, combinatory modern staff. And as a sculptor, stays in everlasting creative endeavor.


                                                            Dmitry Korsun art critic, art historian



Born on January 02/08/84 in Ufa, Bashkortostan Republic, The Russian Fedeartion.

The same year the family moved to Komsomolsk, Poltava Region, Ukraine, where Anton spent his childhood and student years.

Lives and works in Kyiv since 2001.

2005 graduated from The National Technical University of Ukraine – Kyiv Polythechnic Institute, department of electro mechanics.

2002-2005 studied at “V.Veselka studio”.

2004 completed “3D computer graphics 3D Studio Max 5.1” course at education center “Uspih”.

2007-2014 worked on computer games, 3D graphics for music videos, advertising and movies, among which are “The best movie. Part I”, “Haytarma”, “Rzhevskyi vs Napoleon”.

At the present time - Modelling TD (head of modelling department) at «The Dragon Spell» (Ukrainian animation 3D movie), «Panama Grand Prix» company.

The major part in the artist’s life and work is occupied by sculpture, his family and travelling.

2006-2010 studied at Kyiv sculptor Dmytro Lelychenko studio.

Significant impact to the life and work of the artist was caused by travelling abroad, starting from 2007 he visited Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Montenegro, Slovakia, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Austria.

The artist works with wood, stone, metal and advanced materials.
Co-author of sculptures and architectural projects and renovations thereof in Kyiv and the region.

Author of nomination award prizes (Award for The Best Video, Award for The Best Album, Award for The Best Live, Award for Contribution to music) for Ukrainian musical festival «InshaMuzyka».
Participated in international Plein-airs:

2016 - Austria, Ottensheim; Poland, Barlinek.

Selected exhibitions:

2016 - exhibition within the framework of the XXl International Cerami Art Symposium hosted in Barlinek,

2016 - «KünsTlERsOmmER OTTEnshEim-2O16» exhibition. Raiffeisen bank, Ottensheim, Austria.

2014 - one-artist exhibition «Tyche», hosted by President Hotel, Kyiv.

His works are kept in “Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine”, Kyiv; private collections in Ukraine, Poland and Austria.

Author’s signature works:

«Veronika» (gesso, 2009)
 «Tyche» (gesso,2014)

 «Human and nature» (wood, 2016), Ottensheim, Austria

 «Unity» (wood,2016), Barlinek, Poland

CONTACT ME       Tel: +380 99 376 12 86

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